We purposefully create a safe, fun, and inviting environment for all students, so that every night is a good night.


Our leaders strive to connect personally with the students in their small group, helping every student feel genuinely known, and cared for.


Everything we do—praying, singing, teaching, discussing, and hanging out—is intentionally designed to point students towards the Truth.


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Who can come to youth?

Youth is open to anyone in Grade(s) 6-12!

When and where do you meet?

We meet from 7-9 PM on Tuesday nights at Redemption Bible Chapel St. Thomas (109 Chestnut Street). If you sign up for our weekly email, you’ll get notified when we’re taking a week off or have a special event!

What happens at youth?

A typical night at Youth starts with everyone hanging out together while people arrive. Once we’re all here, we head to the Worship Centre for an icebreaker game and a time of praying, singing, and studying God’s Word. 

After that, we break up into small groups based on gender and age to dive deeper into what we’ve learned, to discuss what God’s doing in our lives, and to pray for one another. Small groups are also a great place to make new friends who love Jesus!


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